problem loading JNI Dll with IPC

Olivier Mesmeur
Wed Feb 2 11:21:00 GMT 2005


We have a problem using JNI and IPC under cygwin. 

We compile a DLL using gcc but without -mno-cygwin option because we
need IPC functionalities. 

It's worked fine with previous version of cygwin (< 1.5.5), but now that
we are using cygwin version 1.5.9, java crashs when we launch the DLL
with system.loadlibrary(). 

This is exactly the same problem (same project) in the mail (see link
below) but the proposed solution only work on version < 1.5.5 of cygwin: 

Is it possible to load a DLL, compiled with gcc without -mno-cygwin,
with java in new version of cygwin? 

Thanks for your help. 

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