Problems creating "-mno-cygwin" DLLs with libtool.

Charles Wilson
Wed Feb 2 03:46:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Has it been established that the cygwin version of libtool is *supposed*
> to handle mingw?  I'd be rather surprised if that was a goal.

DING! We HAVE a winner!

The installed libtool has been configured -- by virtue of the fact that 
I ran the build in a cygwin environment -- to understand cygwin's 
minutia.  It is not intended to work with mingwgcc OR with 'cygwingcc 

If you want an out-of-box libtool that works with mingwgcc, then use the 
libtool package distributed by the msys/mingw project.

AFAIK, it is not supported to build-your-own libtool with CC=cygwingcc 
-mno-cygwin ... but it might work.  You'd need to do one of the following:

(1) download the whole libtool source package, and 
configure/build/install with CC=...-mno-cygwin, CXX=...-mno-cygwin, etc. 
  Then try to use THAT libtool from your project.


(2) don't call libtool yourself as a platform build tool; instead 
"libtoolize" your project so that as part of your own project's build 
process it creates its own local libtool (benefit: this local libtool 
will use EXACTLY the same settings the rest of your project's build does)

If you're already doing #2, see note above concerning "-mno-cygwin not 

 > OTOH, I never have understood why tools insist on including such 
things as
 > "-lcygwin" or "-lc" on a linker command line.

There's a good reason for libtool to do so, but it escapes me at the 
moment.  Trust Me(tm).


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