where do I find these unresolved symbols

Tim Prince tprince@computer.org
Tue Feb 1 14:01:00 GMT 2005

At 04:07 AM 2/1/2005, Mirko wrote:

>During the linking phase I am getting an error message about unresolved 
>symbols.  I am a bit puzzled about some of them (tcl/tk, xpm) because I 
>believe that I am pointing to the correct libraries (so much about my 
>knowledge of pointing to libraries), and baffled by others, as I don't 
>have a clue where they may be coming from.
>I am attaching the output of the linker separately, but here is a 
>breakdown of the errors:
>_sind, _cosd (I do have -lm on the command line)
>_Tcl_Eval, Tcl_Create_Command (funny, but I find the first one in the 
>libtcl.a, not the second)
>_Tk_NameToWindow (I do have -ltcl, -ltk, and I believe -L is set correctly 
>on the command line)
>_BXG_Write_2,3D (What library does this belong to?)
>_XpmWriteFromPixMap (I have the Xpm-NoWindows package, but I don't see any 
>libxpm.a on the system, only s,cxpm.exe)
>I am using the most recent version of all the packages (sorry, I don't 
>have the output of cygcheck with me right now)
>Clues? comments (like go away, and don't bug us :-)

A little work with nm *.a|grep whatever should help you figure out a better 
link order. Only you or the author of the code would have a clue about some 
of the more unusual functions you call.  If sind/cosd are what I think they 
are, they should be trivial for you to write yourself in terms of standard 
library functions.

Tim Prince 

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