already registered with AC_CONFIG_FILES

Dave Korn
Wed Mar 31 16:31:00 GMT 2004


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> Sent: 31 March 2004 17:06

> I am posting to this mailing list because this error happens 
> on a W2K/CygWin platform. This is the error message I get:
> ' is already registered with AC_CONFIG_FILES.
> autoconf/status.m4:848: AC_CONFIG_FILES is expanded from...
> the top level
> Autom4te::FileUtils::xsystem(/usr/autotool/devel/share/autocon
> f/Autom4te/
> Please note the single single-quote at the beginning of the 
> error message. I have included the command line after the 
> main body of this post.

  Bad EOL type problem.  That's not a single quote: it's a singly-quoted
string which ends with an LF (but no CR) causing the closing quote and
remainder of the error message to be output on the same line overwriting
whatever it actaully was that was 'already registered with....'

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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