setup err: getUrlToStream failed

Dave Korn
Tue Mar 30 18:33:00 GMT 2004

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> Sent: 29 March 2004 23:49

> Dave Korn wrote:
> => 
> =>   Have you got personal firewall software running on the 
> machine that's
> => experiencing the problems?  Did it pop up a little 
> requester when you last => ran setup asking you if setup 
> should be allowed to connect to the internet?
> => Did you accidentally click No rather than Yes and 
> inadvertently block it?
> => Check the firewall settings, just to be sure.
> I'll bet that's it.  I'm running Zone Alarm and for some 
> reason it doesn't ask me anymore if a program can access the 
> internet, it just denies access.
> I'll try this when I get home, but I'm 97% sure this is it...
> Thanks!!

Heh, I've done exactly the same myself.  These days my routine for
diagnosing network problems goes like:

1.... Is the cable plugged in ?
2....[new entry]  Have you blocked the app in ZA program settings ?
3.... Can you ping the target ?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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