Problems with OpenSSH in win32.

Alejandro Lopez-Valencia
Tue Mar 30 05:20:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 16:51:59 -0500, Brian Chase wrote in

>Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
>  And
>> that's the reason why I suggested TightVNC, performance is acceptable
>> with a 56K modem link, and it defaults to using SSH tunneling, so for
>> practical purposes you obtain a cheap VPN.
>Are you sure of this statement?  The reading I have done on TightVNC 
>tells me it encrypts passwords only and doesn't have any SSH 
>capabilities.  I'd be happier if I were not correct, but I'd like to read 
>some documentation proving me wrong to confirm it.

I was thinking of the Unix version, which can be integrated with SSH
to do encrypted port tunneling by default. The Windows server is
weaker in this respect and requires a lot more hand-holding. There,
compile the Unix version of the server under Cygwin and we are
on-topic again. :-)

As Ross Boulet has pointed out, encrypted port forwarding is a feature
of SSH and can be used to create tunnels for any other TCP/IP
protocol; or you could create a SSL tunnel with stunnel. What makes
TightVNC suitable for tunneling over an encrypted channel is its data
compression protocol (JPEG), which is much better than the one used by
SSH (zlib).

Alejandro López-Valencia
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