Problems with OpenSSH in win32.

Alejandro Sánchez Acosta
Mon Mar 29 21:26:00 GMT 2004


> It is not particularly clear what you did from your description, but
> if I understood correctly, you are trying to have graphical access to
> a Windows box from a Linux box using SSH, am I correct?
> This is not possible with the tools you are using. That is, it is
> *entirely possible* to have graphical access to a Linux box from
> Windows by using Cygwin's OpenSSH port *and* Cygwin/X. To do it in the
> other direction you need a different set of tools, namely VNC or
> similar. If so, it is off-topic for the list, but you can always
> search for TightVNC in SourceForge :-).

It's posible under cygwin, see the Larry post. You can run graphical
applications in Windows over ssh configuring the services in windows (you have
to activate: allowing service to interact with desktop). 


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