Aspell - Ispell

Andy Rushton
Mon Mar 29 14:16:00 GMT 2004

Gregory Borota wrote:

>But still I *personally* would prefer if  Pierre A. Humblet's Ispell port
>would be part of cygwin distribution too as his ispell is much faster than
>current aspell (at least for english). I tried to use aspell it just makes me
>mad, it's so extremely slow. I had to switch back to cygwin ispell from:
I would support this for another reason: ispell is integrated with the 
various emacsen and gives my such features as flyspell (on-the-fly spell 
check). I just did a clean reinstall of Cygwin and spent a while 
tracking down the latest ispell release - it would be som much better if 
it was a Cygwin module. Or is it possible to use aspell within emacs? I 
can't find any documentation to say yes or no to this.


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