request for some path advice

Lester Ingber
Mon Mar 29 10:29:00 GMT 2004

Sorry about the last email.  I seem to have gotten the paths working OK.


I have a C project that I can compile and run fine using gcc, with
or without -mno-cygwin.  I have the I/O files in another directory,
with the relative paths named in some .c files.

When I use the -mno-cygwin option, I see I cannot use soft links for
any IO directories, but I also cannot use the executable in another
directory with the same relative path to the IO directory?

So, under a ${PROJECT_PATH}/ I have
Let's say I compile the code under SRC/.
If I put the executable under RUN I get an access violation -- only
under -mno-cygwin.  If I keep the executable unde SRC/, it works OK.

Is there any way of declaring my paths in my .c files to avoid these problems?



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