bash bad interpreter - a new twist!

david mallon
Fri Mar 26 16:10:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Tom, I believe you are right.
I noticed yesterday that if the interpreter was a binary the problem went 
away, so I rewrote my script as a C program and everything is stable again.

-- dave

>From: (Tom Rodman)
> >I'm using cygwin (september 2003 build) and ActiveState perl.  To connect
> >ActiveState into cygwin I use a proxy /usr/local/bin/perl bourne shell
> >script that essentially transalates the paths (cygpath -w) and delegates 
> >the ActiveState perl.exe binary.  Given the following foobar script:
> >
> >#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
> >print "foobar world\n";
>The "#!" construct must always refer to a binary,
>never to another script (to avoid loops?).  I ran into the same issue.
>The UNIX standard is what I just said, but earlier (and current?)
>cygwin versions (wrongly) sorta supported a script.  In 1.3.20 it works
>about 2 out of 5 times or so - if you try a similar approach on
>a UNIX box it will fail *every* time.
>Years back there was a cygwin tool called dbash.exe to support
>what your trying to do.
>Try "man execve" on a UNIX box for more on the "#!" construct.
>You just need to rethink your workaround..
>I'm sure others can correct some of what I just said, but I believe
>is mostly right ;->

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