Creating a custom package installer?

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID)
Thu Mar 25 20:05:00 GMT 2004

The best I can tell, there is no link to
<> on <>.  During an
admittedly quick look, I couldn't find a link to it anywhere. Presuming
there is a link somewhere, maybe it could be someplace less obscure.

Or is hiding this official policy ("WJM")?  :-)

- Barry

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At 07:04 AM 3/25/2004, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>I have a question. Im on a project which involves LipSync on 
>Linux. Now, in the final phase, we're porting it to Windows. We're curious 
>to know how to create binary packages like tar.bz2 files. I took the 
>and used 
>This file unzipped to a setup.exe file
>packages\setup.ini - which contains hints and is auto-gen
>packages\releases\{package}\{package}.tar.bz2 - package files
>Now for our project, if we need say, bash, less, and some more utils and 
>my own package, how can we make setup see those files? Could you point me 
>to some tutorial? isnt clear in a step by 
>step fashion.
>Thanks in advance 
>PS: If its been asked in the past,excuse my ignorance but please point me 
>to the link.

Actually, things very much like this have been asked in the past so there's
a page that talks about creating setup servers.  You should be able to get
a feel for what you need from this and other docs on setup and it's format.


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