Creating a custom package installer?

Hitanshu Gandhi
Thu Mar 25 15:40:00 GMT 2004

Dear all,

I have a question. Im on a project which involves LipSync on 
Linux. Now, in the final phase, we're porting it to Windows. We're curious 
to know how to create binary packages like tar.bz2 files. I took the 
and used
This file unzipped to a setup.exe file
packages\setup.ini - which contains hints and is auto-gen
packages\releases\{package}\{package}.tar.bz2 - package files

Now for our project, if we need say, bash, less, and some more utils and 
my own package, how can we make setup see those files? Could you point me 
to some tutorial? isnt clear in a step by 
step fashion.

Thanks in advance 

PS: If its been asked in the past,excuse my ignorance but please point me 
to the link.

'Ars est celare artem'

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