More on 'setup' fails and breaks pre-existing Cygwin installation: "The Rational Rose Files"

Hannu E K Nevalainen
Tue Mar 23 20:36:00 GMT 2004

> From: Dave Korn
> > From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Christopher M. Balz
> > Sent: 23 March 2004 06:39

> > Apparently however, from your comments, it looks as if the
> > MKS system makes breaks the Cygwin installation.  Is there a
> > way (or a place I could look to find out) where I could
> > protect the path that Cygwin uses?
> >
> > Thank you so much for your help.
> >
> >  - Chris
>   Simplest thing to do I reckon is to put something in either your
> cygwin.bat or your .bashrc / .profile to reset $PATH to something safe,
> depending on how you most commonly start up cygwin.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

The attached script might come in handy; as defined it removes lines that

 grep -v -i "$sd"

(check the script and locate the lines), delivered to all of you "as is",
no warranties implied... It is probably possible to enhance it: I haven't
bothered to do that, yet.

I use it to remove certain elements of $PATH that _MIGHT_ be in there when I
launch cygwin/bash. Use: "source <script>" is in my ~/.profile

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59+16.37'N, 17+12.60'E

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