Shankar Unni
Tue Mar 23 20:02:00 GMT 2004

George Hester wrote:

> I thought I could use UNIX notation in Cygwin but I see I cannot.  oops.

Wrong again.

Cygwin is not a tool that magically wanders over all your installed 
applications (e.g. Office) and somehow makes them "Unix-aware".

Applications compiled against cygwin libraries can use POSIX conventions 
for files and paths (provided they are configured to do so - there's 
also software logic to be considered).

Java, however, is a plain old native Windows program. It will understand 
forward-slashes (because that comes for free with the Windows API), but 
paths have to be ";"-separated, and of course, it won't understand 
Cygwin mount points (e.g. you can't pass in "/usr/some/path" to Java and 
have it figure out that you really meant "c:/cygwin/some/path").

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