suid bit on executables?

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Mar 23 18:37:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Richard Troy wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Mar 22 19:49, Richard Troy wrote:
> > > A little over a year ago, I poked my nose under the tent to inquire about
> > > this once more and in the interrim there had been a new cygserver and a
> > > new ssh daemon, and I was very happy with the advance, but still things
> > > were short of the SUID bit being honored...
> > >
> > > Now, I read in the archives about something, apparently upcoming, called
> > > cygdaemon... I read hints that cygdaemon helps address this problem.
> >
> > There's no such thing as a cygdaemon, only cygserver.  If the SUID stuff
> > gets implemented, it will be based on cygserver.  But there's no code
> > for doing this so far.  Security changes in 2K3 are making an implementation
> > even more complex.
> >
> > Corinna
> Thank you, Corinna.
> ...might you please propose a work-around for the following scenario?
> If I wanted just one particular program to run as this other user, there's
> that nifty tool in Cygwin that lets you define a service that _can_ run as
> another user. This would work for me if I had a way for a Cygwin program,
> launched from a command-line interface, from Bash, say, to attach to it
> and let it do the dirty work. It would need a way to pass command-line
> arguments, and redirect or share std-in, std-out, and std-error. ...I know
> there's the SSHD code that could serve as an example, but it seems to me
> that it's overkill for what I want since there's no need for it to
> credential itself as anyone. ...The simpler, the better, so long as it's
> sufficient!
> Thank you for your suggestions/ideas,
> Richard


FYI, Cygwin implements /dev/conin and /dev/conout, so, perhaps, the
approach suggested in <>
would be helpful (or something along those lines).

OTOH, once cygserver is in place, we'll have a working "su" (which is
exactly what you want, right?).
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