launching a remote webbrowser with cygwin

Thorsten Kampe
Tue Mar 23 16:38:00 GMT 2004

* Chris Bullock (2004-03-23 15:14 +0100)
> Background:
> With all the recent Microsoft virii and code leaks we are slowly blocking 
> Windows based pcs from accessing the Internet.  What we are doing is placing 
> a box running a Linux terminal server client beside every Windows box that 
> needs to access the Internet.  This is beginning to get very cumbersome and a 
> huge headache.
> What I desire.  I wish to load a very small portion of Cygwin on each Windows 
> box.  When the user clicks the icon it would then connect to the Linux 
> Terminal Server and launch $browser of choice.  First off is this possible? 
> and if so can someone point me on how to make this happen.  I do not want to 
> have to run the entire terminal client.  Currently, what we have tested is 
> from the cygwin prompt we run 'X --query $LTSP:1' but this gives us the 
> entire terminal server and all I want the users to do is access a webbrowser.

Start X, login to the terminal server via ssh, start the browser with
the DISPLAY variable set to the Cygwin X server. That's it.

All you have to do is to automate this: the ssh-session into the
startup file of your X server or Windowmanager.

None of this is Cygwin specific (except the link to the the .bat to
start the X server)


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