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Larry Hall
Mon Mar 22 21:39:00 GMT 2004

At 10:24 AM 3/22/2004, you wrote:
>I am new to this list, so I apologies if this issue has been addressed before.
>I just installed cygwin on a windows 2000 machine.  Setup sshd with keys (for logon without passwords) as a service.  Everything _appears_ to work correctly: I can login to the machine without having to type my password.  Most commands work properly (ex: ls, cd, mkdir, etc).  For some reason, the output of a single application (pcounter) does not appear to the screen (unless I pass 3 arguments to the command, in which case the command works fine).  If I remove the ssh keys and login from/to the same machine (and login by typing my password), then the command works fine.
>I'm at a loss and don't know what to try to resolve this problem.

I assume that 'pcounter' is some native Windows application.  It almost 
sounds to me like 'pcounter' requires an authenticated user to work but 
your note about passing '3 arguments' to make it work casts doubts on 
that.  You might want to try removing 'tty' as a setting for the CYGWIN 
environment variable that 'sshd' uses when it starts as a service, assuming
you specified 'tty' as an option when you configured sshd.

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