Larry Hall
Mon Mar 22 20:45:00 GMT 2004

Sounds like it would be good if you could find a minimal test case that
reproduces the problem.


At 07:16 AM 3/22/2004, you wrote:
>Hmm. I have a Windows 'scheduled job'. It runs a zsh.exe script. It runs
>cygwin GNU make. Things that launch under there get hung with 'critical
>error' dialogs. Even when I add an extra layer of program that calls
>SetErrorMode and then CreateProcess outside the shell script.
>The most frequent offenders are Java programs, but I can't find any
>evidence that the Sun JVM calls SetErrorMode.
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>>I'm trying to run some builds under cygwin with SetErrorMode set to 
>>avoid Windows dialog boxes in the event of hard errors. I'm failing. I 
>>get dialog boxes. Is cygwin doing anything to call SetErrorMode and 
>>undo my efforts, or do I need to look elsewhere?
>You're a little short on details here but to answer your question, the
>code for the Cygwin DLL only makes one call to SetErrorMode() for
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