scponly shell - compilation issues - more info

Paul Jansen
Mon Mar 22 16:56:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Igor for the replies later last week.
I've tracked down a post I made to the scponly mailing
list a little while back.
It explains in - I hope enough - detail where I was
running into problems getting this to compile.
The post can be found here:

Is anyone able to assist with this?  It seems like a
combination of the configure script not taking
appropriate steps to allow for a cygwin target as well
as  perhaps some libraries and calls that cygwin
doesn't seem to provide at the moment.

The scponly shell seems like a good secure way to
allow SCP access without allowing anything else.  Has
anyone got any other suggestions about how to achieve
this that aren't able to be bypassed in an easy

Thanks again,

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