Trailing commandline arguments not allowed.

George Hester
Mon Mar 22 09:41:00 GMT 2004

$cygrunsrv -R httpd
cygrunsrv: Error removing a service: OpenService: Win32 error 1060:
The specified service does not exist as an installed service

Removing the service is not the issue.  I have done that.  What I would like to do is remove everything and anything that has anything to do with Apache in Cygwin.  Can this be done?

Actually I think we can just forget this Ivan.  I have wasted Cygwin's ability to use and start the Apache server.  I don't feel like fighting with it anymore.  The directions all they resulted in was a perfectly fine running Apache server turning into wasted space in the Cygwin folder.  Now I just want all of it out.

George Hester
"Igor Pechtchanski" <> wrote in message
> On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, George Hester wrote:
> > Crap it is broke for good.  Is there some way I can remove EVERYTHING
> > that has ANYTHIKNG to do with Apache in Cygwin?  The uninstall does NOT
> > remove EVERYTHING.  I'd like to remove anything and everything of Apache
> > in Cygwin.  Can this be done?
> >
> >  There are no errors.  It looiks to me the executable shuts down as soon
> > as it starts.
> "cygrunsrv -R httpd"
> Igor
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