Minimal test case for Make crash bug

Dan Kegel
Mon Mar 22 02:58:00 GMT 2004

Hannu wrote:
> FWIW; using the previously posted fds.c, slightly modified:
> I can reproduce this with 1.5.9-1 (ususally 133 iterations and a core
> dump).
> Switching to 1.5.8-1 cygwin1.dll rasies the limit to some 3200 iterations
> (no dump).

Excellent, thanks for the info.

I just downloaded
and dropping its cygwin1.dll into my c:/cygwin/bin seems to solve the
problem; I can now open zillions of file descriptors.
(Thanks for the nudge; I'd never tried to figure out how to do that before.)

(I had earlier tried to back off to an earlier cygwin using the
installer gui, but that backs you all the way down to 1.5.5 or
something, and it didn't work well for me.)

So I guess 1.5.9-1 was a bit of a problem child.  Hopefully
next release will have that resolved.
- Dan

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