Starting a Win32 app from inside Cygwin

Thorsten Kampe
Sun Mar 21 17:31:00 GMT 2004

* Chris Powell (2004-03-21 03:52 +0100)
> I currently use cygwin in WinXP to display X session from an AIX machine.
> This works very well.  The software on the AIX box can call a word processor
> (Uniplex) on the AIX box to edit text files.  What I'd like to do is instead
> of launching the AIX word processor inside of the X session is launch Word
> on the WinXP machine to edit the file out on an NFS.
> Another site is currently doing this, but they are all linux and OpenOffice.
> The script on the AIX box does a rsh back to the linux box and opens OO word
> processing with the text file on an NFS.
> It there anyway to do this back to a WinXP box?

MS Word is no X client to my knowledge - although answering the
"question" in your subject: "Starting a Win32 app from inside Cygwin"
is no problem at all - neither GUI nor command line (in most cases).


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