Trailing commandline arguments not allowed.

George Hester
Sun Mar 21 03:17:00 GMT 2004

According to the documentation of starting the Apache web server as a service in cygwin the generic formula is:

$ cygrunsrv -I service_name-p /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd.exe [-a arguments] \
      [-e VAR=VALUE] [-t auto|manual] [-u user] [-w passwd]

So I did this in the bash shell:

$cygrunsrv -I Apache 1.3-p /usr/sbin/httpd.exe -t auto

Same thing with:
$cygrunsrv -I Apache 1.3-p /usr/sbin/httpd.exe-t auto

The result was the error I posted in the subject.  What did I do wromg?

George Hester

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