Cygwin install problem.

Igor Pechtchanski
Sat Mar 20 19:35:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, Christopher M. Balz wrote:

> Hi Igor,


Please don't send personal mail with Cygwin questions.  All Cygwin-related
questions should be addressed to the Cygwin mailing list, both because
that's the expected thing to do, and because it'll be archived and may
help others experiencing the same problems.  I'm directing my reply to
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Also, please see the Cygwin problem reporting guidelines at
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> Running 'setup' has broken my Cygwin installation, and it is a "no
> package" /etc/postinstall install problem

FYI, "No package" in setup simply means that setup could not determine
which package the postinstall script came from.  This functionality
(figuring out the package that the postinstall script belongs to) is
broken at the moment, but shouldn't affect the actual execution of the
postinstall scripts.

> With a similar problem you suggested:
>    >"mv /etc/postinstal/{,.done}"
> What do you suggest to do if the file is unknown (I can't get it to
> repeat anymore; setup is dying earlier and earlier now as I keep trying
> to re-run setup) and the Cygwin prompt is broken?
>  - CB

I suggest looking at the setup logs (/var/log/setup.log*), especially the
".full" one (note that it gets overwritten every time you run setup).
Also, to find out why the Cygwin prompt window doesn't come up, you can
run "c:\cygwin\cygwin.bat" from a CMD window (that way you'll see the
error message, if any).

In what way is setup "dying"?  Does it actually crash?  Which version of
setup are you running?

FWIW, if you feel that your Cygwin install is broken, you might want to
rename the root directory and try to install anew.  If the install works,
you may be able to simply your data from parts of the old tree into the
new one, depending on the extent of modifications you've performed to the
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