Beep or playing a sound [Attn: CGF]

Igor Pechtchanski
Sat Mar 20 09:35:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Edwin Goei wrote:

> Is there a program that will beep or make a sound in cygwin?  In bash,
> I've tried "echo -e \\a" and I get a control-G char but no sound.  Is
> there a program that will play a sound file that comes w/ cygwin?  I run
> xemacs which does produce sounds but I'm looking for a simpler way.
> -Edwin


The ^G character will work in an xterm or rxvt running under X11.

It also used to work in the Cygwin console, but apparently doesn't
anymore...  Neither does it work in a W11 rxvt.  Looking at the code for
the console handler, the processing the BEL character calls the
MessageBeep function (which, in turn, relies on the sound assigned to the
"Default Beep" event).  FWIW, I've just verified on my Win2k, and there
doesn't seem to be such an event anymore (and a pure Windows program
calling MessageBeep(0xFFFFFFFF) doesn't result in any sounds).  Perhaps
one of the hotfix patches or service packs removed it...  Maybe we should
go back to the old way (i.e., call Beep (412, 100), which does work)...
Note that W11's XBell also calls MessageBeep()...

Oh well, there's always 'cat `cygpath -W`/Media/ding.wav > /dev/dsp'. ;-)
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