sshd authentication question

Matt Berney
Thu Mar 18 20:08:00 GMT 2004

Hmm...ok.  I understand.  I will create an 'strace_sshd' service on the server side and try this.  To answer your other questions:

> Another step you can try first: There's a small chance that an
> Event Log entry has been created when the problem happens.
> I can't tell you how that might look like, but it's perhaps worth a try. 
I checked for this.  I didn't see any 'ERROR' events in the event log associated with the sshd service.  I scanned through many of the 'INFO' events for sshd and didn't find anything interesting.  All of the events indicated that sshd was accepting the connection. As you can imagine, there were 19,000+ of these event messages.

> Just musing: Is it possible that the /etc/passwd or /etc/group
> file gets frequently rewritten on the server machine? Perhaps 
> something goes wrong there. It shouldn't but...
It is certainly possible, but not likely...and certainly not on purpose.  I will check the timestamps of these files before and after the test to see if they change.  I agree, they shouldn't...

Thanks for your assistance.  While this isn't a catastrophic problem in our environment.  It is persistent (and frequent enough) to warrent this thread.  

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BTW, how do I reply to this posting on the cygwin mailing list such that my replies end up as associated with this thread.  I read the cygwin mailing list via a web browser.  There doesn't seem to be a 'reply' link.

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