read(): varblk tape records...(& Fix for : read())

Jason Winter
Thu Mar 18 14:55:00 GMT 2004

>>2 days before the question was asked, Corinna had already made the code
>>alteration that the question refered to.  Now who looks stupid.
>What is all this justifying yourself good for?  I asked you a question
>because I didn't understand what you were talking about (not for the
>first time, if you scan the thread in the ML archive).  The reply was
>that I should know better.  If I know better, I obviously don't have to
>pay attention to what you're telling.  Fine with me.

That answers that question.
(Just like I don't have to listen to you asking me: is the cygwin API 
failure in a Cygwin program?)

I'm sorry if you are offended by my "know better" coment.

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