Problems with make on the latest Cygwin gmake

Gianni Mariani
Wed Mar 17 11:59:00 GMT 2004

I just installed Cygwin from scratch and I'm having gnu make trouble.

Given this Makefile

        find . -name xx \! -path \*foo\*

        find . -name xx \! -path \*foo\* >&1


Notice that "make A" and "make B" are virtually identical.

$ make -f broke_make A           
find . -name xx \! -path \*foo\*
find: paths must precede expression
Usage: find [path...] [expression]
make: *** [A] Error 1

$ make -f broke_make B
find . -name xx \! -path \*foo\* >&1

After doing an strace, I noticed that B will invoke sh.exe and A will 
not.  I also noticed that the "\!" for A does not turn into the "!" as 
in the B case when find.exe is exec()ed.

So, it seems like gmake has a problem with parsing the command line.  
This works fine on non cygwin machines with the same version of make.

Has anyone seen this before ?

I have earlier versions of Cygwin where this works fine.

If you need chgcheck output - here it is:

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