Question on Perl (.pl) association

Thorsten Kampe
Wed Mar 17 05:16:00 GMT 2004

* Martin Gainty (2004-03-16 21:56 +0100)
> How does one associate CYGWIN Perl with .pl extensions within CYGWIN
> environment?

Same as in the Windows environment: "ftype" in connection with "assoc"
(or more convenient with "associate" from the ResourceKit).

> When I invoke CYGWIN in order to execute a Perl Script I need to state
>  perl
> I would like to place an association for .pl to the Cygwin Perl Interpreter
> so when I invoke
> the associated Cygwin Perl interpreter will be invoked to interpret the
> script

You're confusing Windows and Unix semantics. There's never been such a
thing as an association between a file extension and an
application/interpreter in Unix/Cygwin.

You might be looking for a "she bang" which does something similar.


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