cygwin problems with Hyperthreaded machines?

Christopher Faylor
Tue Mar 16 20:22:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 10:55:14AM -0500, Chuck McDevitt wrote:
>I've been running into some severe problems with using Cygwin on 
>Hyperthreaded machines.
>The problem mostly occurs when capturing the stdout from a program with 
>the backquote operator,
>or using the shell command in makefiles.   The captured values end up as 
>blank sometimes.
>For example, in my Makefile, 
>       source-dir          := $(strip $(shell pwd))
>pwd always returns something, but source-dir sometimes gets set to an 
>empty string.
>This never happens on single-CPU non-hyperthreaded machines.
>I've also seen occasional hangs during a make, again only on hyperthreaded 
>I've tried the latest cygwin dll from, as well as the snapshot 
>from 3/12, and I still get this problem.
>Anyone else out there seeing this?   Is this a known problem?  Is there 
>some version of the cygwin dll that doesn't have this problem?

It's not a known problem and you are not providing enough details to track
the problem down.
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