cvs repository not found

Calvin Smith
Tue Mar 16 01:41:00 GMT 2004

Thanks very much, Igor. The culprit was an old installation of cvsNT. I had shut down the cvsnt service, so thought that it must be executing the cygwin cvs, but it was still getting the nt version, and that's why it didn't know about /cvs.



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From: Igor Pechtchanski <>
To: Calvin Smith <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:23:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: cvs repository not found

Are you running Cygwin's ssh and cvs (i.e., "type -a cvs ssh")?  Is your
CVS_RSH set correctly?  What are the contents of your ~/.cvsrc?  What are
the contents of ~/.ssh/config?  What is the shell of Calvin@kilimanjaro
set to (in /etc/passwd on kilimanjaro)?

Next step is to try actually executing "cvs server" via ssh.  Run "echo -e
'Root /cvs\nnoop' | cvs server" from kilimanjaro first, and then from
Calvin via ssh -- make sure you get the same response from both.  If that
response is "E Cannot access /cvs/CVSROOT\nerror ...", then see what the
"error" line says.  If the response is "ok" instead, try playing with the
shell for Calvin on kilimanjaro to see what commands are actually sent
when executing the "cvs" command on the client...
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