latest snapshot seems better wrt make -j hang problems

Rolf Campbell
Mon Mar 15 18:55:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I have been running the "make -j" cygwin breaker for about ten hours now
> with no hangs, no segvs, and no strange error exits.
> I'm sure this is just because of the magical way in which I have my
> system set up but could anyone confirm or deny whether that this
> snapshot behaves better?
> If it does still die then an strace of the failing case would be
> helpful.  If it is too large for the mailing list software then let me
> know and I'll arrange to get the strace via some other mechanism --
> i.e., via a brand new cygwin bugzilla setup.
> cgf

I've been running it for about 24 hours on my HyperThreaded XP machine, 
14000 iteration, not a single problem.

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