nfs-server re-exporting mapped network drives

Smith, Gene
Fri Mar 12 16:54:00 GMT 2004

The file nfs-server-2.2.47-2.README states:

"If you want your mount and NFS daemons to re-export mapped network 
drives, you will need to run them under an account other than Local 
System, and start both daemons with the '-r' option to enable re-exporting."

I was able to "install" the daemons using the -r option with my usual 
login account (which also works for mapping network drives). However 
when I try to "start" them in the services gui I get an error stating 
"the program terminated unexpectedly" and the windows event log is no 
more helpful.

I don't have a problem if I install/start the daemons without -r under 
the default "LocalSystem" rather than my own account.

Is this a possible bug in the nfsd/mountd daemons or is it actually 
rejecting my account at start-time? (I get no complaints when I enter my 
uid/password+password.) If it it rejecting my account, what type of 
permissions do I need to be able to do this?

cygcheck attached.


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