major problem with the cygwin setup program

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Wed Mar 10 10:11:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 07:36:51PM -0600, Nick Gawronski wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to install the latest version of cygwin and am totally blind
> and use a screen reader to access the windows xp professional operating
> called window eyes from and I wish to install
> everything and have read the FAQ and the documentation but that package
> selection dialog is not very accessible to a blind user, Could someone maby
> write a small patch that would fix the accessibility issue with the cygwin
> setup program or if you have questions on making this program accessible
> contact  If any one else on this list can help me
> please do so.  Thanks in advance.  bye


The Cygwin setup.exe installer isn't bad for screen readers on purpose--
we just don't use them and have no way to test. Do you happen to know of
a Free screen reader that we might use? (I'm not promising patches to
enable this, but it would at least raise the possibility.)

As for installing everything, you might be able to use setup.exe's
command line options. I don't think there's an "install everything"
option, so I put up a fake Base package that "requires" all the other
packages (warning: this may break something). So this may work from 
a command prompt if setup.exe understands multiple -s arguments:

setup.exe -q -s some-mirror -s

If not, you'll need to run setup.exe through once, clicking next each
time, to install a minimal installation, and then edit the
/etc/setup/last-mirror file to include
It must have a real mirror also since my site does not have any
real packages, just the fake "all" one. 

Of course, since you read the User's Guide you know that this is
downloading "several hundreds of megabytes of software", right?
(Are we up to gigabytes yet? We've got 2 emacs packages.)

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