DDS4 device mnemonic with cygwin

Mazzotta, Paul
Wed Mar 10 03:46:00 GMT 2004

		Thanks so much for your help !

			Paul :-)

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On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Mazzotta, Paul wrote:

> To whom it may concern;
> According to the cygwin user's guide, tape drive devices
> are mapped to /dev... or /device...  .  Shouldn't you be able
> to see these directories from a cygwin window under the
> /  directory ?  If so, is it because I did not install all of cygwin
> at the time of installation ?   On my Windows 2000 host in a
> cygwin window, I need to be able to perform a tar command
> in the form:  tar cvf  /dev...(for tape device)  filename.
> Any help in resloving this issue is most appreciated !
>        Paul


Until Cygwin switches to mknod for devices, /dev will be a virtual
filesystem in Cygwin (as are /proc, /cygdrive, etc).  As such, it won't
show up in the listing of the parent directory (i.e., /).  What you need
to do is create an actual directory for /dev, and the empty file entries
for all of its contents to be able to 'ls' them.  You can use a script I
posted in <> for
this purpose (it'll also create some Linux-style symlinks).
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