Can ipc-daemon2 put its files in directory other than /tmp?

David Garamond
Sun Mar 7 08:32:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>Actually, hopefully, you are bunding postgresql + cygwin + whatever other
>>>binaries + *the sources to same* since this is a GPLed project, meaning
>>>that you have to provide sources for the binaries that you distribute
>>>as per the GPL.
>>No source code is modified/recompiled. I'm just providing a convenience 
>>packaging. COPYING + the BSD license (for Postgres) is included, plus 
>>I'm informing in the README that Cygwin is GPL'ed, and to get the source 
>>one should go to I believe that is sufficient? 
>>(since no source code is modified anyway).
> Unfortunately, no, it's not sufficient.  The GPL doesn't have a "no
> source code is modified" clause.  For the cygwin DLL, and any of the
> utilities that come with it, you have to adhere to the GPL which
> means that the source code has to be provided.

I see. I'll provide the source code on my own website then, link to the 
URL and not, but does not include it in the .zip 
distribution, to keep the .zip smaller. That should cover the "from the 
same place" requirement.


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