read(): varblk tape records...(& Fix for : read())

Jason Winter
Fri Mar 5 15:48:00 GMT 2004

Hi Corinna,

>Unfortunately I can't run your testcase.  My DDS tape drive seems to be
>broken.  It can read, but it behaves weird when trying to write :-(((

Doesn't it worry you, that we both have write problems?  When I stick to 
reading, everything works just fine also.  Do you want my Native NT version 
- it works perfectly?

Here are some other things I've noticed:

1/ close() writes a file-mark in some cases... Don't, I can do this myself, 
thank's anyway!

2/ read() should check for Win32 error 1101 - filemark and return 0 bytes, 
no error.

3/ tape_status dynamically checks 'tape_drive_get_absolute_blk', before 
   tape_get_pos () : but my tape drive says '0' when it's busy, preventing 
the current
   block from being updated *sometimes*.  Force-reading it works just fine, 
if you want to
   cache the flag somewhere when the device is opened?

4/ sending a tape-rewind command doesn't reset any internal flags, does it 
need to?


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