cygrunsrv taking near all cpu time

Fri Mar 5 09:10:00 GMT 2004

Excuse me regarding the source quoting. I nevr think about it as a
spamer feeding, but you are rigth.
I take your advice regarding snapshots. But I don't know exactly what
to download
that could be 'the minimum' to isolate this specific question, but
remains compatible with the rest of the installation ...

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Subject: Re: cygrunsrv taking near all cpu time

> On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, mnicolet wrote:
> > Regarding snapshots, generally I dislike them, unless I'm very
> > what I'm doing, which is not the case.
> > The better solution, I think, is to manually enable sshd when I
> > it.
> >
> That is certainly your choice.  Two comments, though.
> 1.) At this particular time, the snapshot is considered more stable
> the current release.  Also, it is close to 1.5.8 release time.
> it would be good for you, and the community at large, if you would
see if the
> bug is still present there.
> 2.) If it is, please try my strace suggestion with it.
> PS. This list prefers that you do not quote raw email addresses in
> as it just feeds the spammers.  Thanks.
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> > From: "Larry Hall" .
> Brian Ford wrote:
> > Reporting the result of attaching strace to the run-away
> > cygrunsrv might be interesting, but only after you have followed
> > advice above.
> >
> --
> Brian Ford

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