cygrunsrv taking near all cpu time

Brian Ford
Fri Mar 5 00:49:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, mnicolet wrote:

> Regarding snapshots, generally I dislike them, unless I'm very sure
> what I'm doing, which is not the case.
> The better solution, I think, is to manually enable sshd when I need
> it.
That is certainly your choice.  Two comments, though.

1.) At this particular time, the snapshot is considered more stable than
the current release.  Also, it is close to 1.5.8 release time.  Therefore,
it would be good for you, and the community at large, if you would see if the
bug is still present there.

2.) If it is, please try my strace suggestion with it.

PS. This list prefers that you do not quote raw email addresses in replies
as it just feeds the spammers.  Thanks.

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> From: "Larry Hall" <cygwin-lh at cygwin dot com>

Brian Ford wrote:
> Reporting the result of attaching strace to the run-away
> cygrunsrv might be interesting, but only after you have followed the
> advice above.

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