cygrunsrv taking near all cpu time

Brian Ford
Thu Mar 4 20:08:00 GMT 2004

Here we go again.  I think you missed the point of what we were trying
to tell you.

Please review again (I highly doubt that
you did the first time).  At least, pay special attention to the part
about attaching cygcheck output.

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, mnicolet wrote:

> I installed sshd as it would be. At the point I could connect from
> another machine.
What does "as it would be" mean?

> I can, now, state the problem better.
> The question is whenever the service start is set to 'automatic' so
> it's started at boot-up time, cygrunsrv is taking up all cpu time it's
> allowed. Even if sshd.exe is up and running fine, taking itself no
> noticeable cpu time.
> But, if I stop the sshd service, set up it as 'manual' and then
> restart it, cygrunsrv is working fine, taking no noticeble cpu time.
Reporting the result of attaching strace to the run-away cygrunsrv might
be interesting, but only after you have followed the advice above.

> Sorry if my previous post scared some one.
It did not scare anyone, but you did not follow the advice given.

> But I think my question was concise, and pointing exactly to the
> problem.
A little too concise, perhaps?

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