Any fix/work-around for post-install hang problem, yet?

Andrew J Halls
Thu Mar 4 16:06:00 GMT 2004

Hi Guys
	Possible additional information.

	Back last week end I removed totally and did a fresh download and
install of Cygwin on my XP machine.
	I selected everything from the setup screens ( Cygwin and
Cygwin-Gnome), when setup got to the post-install phase it locked up in the
"_update-info-dir" line. That is no cpu being used by setup. I let it run
for over 30 minutes then pressed cancel.

	Thinking that I would have to un-install every thing I re ran setup
and selected uninstall for everything. Instead of uninstalling things all
the post install scripts where run. I then had Cygwin installed and as I
found out later with no history that it was installed according to setup.

This install worked, I compiled a new version of VIM with GTK+ OK.

Thinking that the number of packages had been the problem to get setup
information I have re-installed all the packages in smaller groups.

As things seem to be working OK I have not removed and reinstalled (the
problem with OpenSSH-3.8.p1-1 was occurring before I reinstalled, I had
totally stuffed up Cygwin/X while trying to fault find this.)

Andy Halls

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