1.5.7: Problem with tcsh 6.12.00-7 / sed 4.0.8-1

Michael Brand cygwin@brand.scso.com
Thu Mar 4 13:53:00 GMT 2004

Hello again,

I disabled one of the CPUs on my dual-CPU Xeon, and everything started working 
well, so I guess this is a dual-cpu problem.

Incidentally, I tried running my scripts on several dual-CPU Xeons (different 
computer models, but all of them HPs), and though the crashes are not quite as 
common elsewhere, and are therefore harder to localize into single-line 
scripts, when I leave one of my involved scripts to crunch the CPU overnight, 
it generally crashes an hour or two later, at the most.

Hope this new information helps,
Michael Brand

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