A problem with OpenSSH 3.8.p1-1 - ssh-agent

Brian Ford ford@vss.fsi.com
Wed Mar 3 20:57:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 Andrew J Halls wrote:

>	Second is that I first noticed this problem after upgrading
>Cygwin-1.5 dll at around 1.5.3 or 1.5.4 back in September last year.
>As I only run one ssh-agent for all by rxvt/bash sessions that I run I use
>to run a script, out of /etc/profile.d, that would check to see if there was
>a ssh-agent all ready running for the user , if not run one, is so export
>the correct SSH_XXXX into the environment if the script could communicate
>with that instance else give and error message.  I do this so that I can
>close all of my rxvt/bash sessions if I needed to and reattach to the
>agent later when I started them up again.
>What I was noticing was that the first rxvt/bash session started would not
>complete it's shutdown until I killed the ssh-agent, this was not the
>pervious way the ssh-agent did things before in Cygwin-1.5.1 or 1.5.2.
>This means to me that the ssh-agent was not closing all its file descriptors
>properly when going into daemon mode or that the semantics of the fork or
>exec call had changed to be more like SVR4.
I don't remember the details, but there were bugs like this somewhere in
the 1.5 series.  Search the archives if you are still interested.

>I have another couple of machines running with Cygwin (the version of the
>dll has also been upgraded along the way) and OpenSSH-3.7.1p2 on them with
>the same results at above.
You mean they are running Cygwin 1.5.7, and they have the bash/rxvt hang
for the bash/rxvt that started ssh-agent?

The best advice for you is still:

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>Does this happen all the time, reproducibly?  If yes, did you try
>a recent Cygwin snapshot from http://cygwin.com/snapshots/ to see if that
>cures the problem?
>If not, it would be interesting to see an strace of ssh-agent, perhaps.
So, please try it.

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