gcc 2.95_

Charles Plager cplager+cygwin@physics.ucla.edu
Wed Mar 3 02:39:00 GMT 2004

Warren Young wrote:
> Erick Castillo wrote:
>     The application i have compiles with older versions of the compiler 
> I've found that all of g++ 3.x's new warnings and errors are correct, so the "right" solution is to fix your program. If it's not your program, I'm sure the developers would appreciate patches.
> If you can't fix it, try rolling back to an earlier version in the 3.x line. Each version has gotten more strict than the last, so the error you're running into might not be present in an older release. 3.2 is still on the Cygwin download sites as the 'prev' release. This is only a temporary fix, realize. The program will have to be fixed eventually.

gcc 3.2 is available with setup.  g++, however, seems to only have 
version 3.3.1-3 available.  Is there a way to get g++ and g77 for 3.2-3?


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