stdout/stderr handling by cygrunsrv/bash/tcl

Patrick Samson
Tue Mar 2 16:36:00 GMT 2004

I run a service installed as:

cygrunsrv --install pgr-daemon
 --path /usr/bin/bash.exe
 --args "--login /opt/pgreplica/bin/pgrd host1 host2"
 --user pgreplicator

Everything is fine with stdout.
Messages are in /var/log/pgr-daemon.log

But if my application, which is a TCL script,
writes something on stderr (as "puts stderr $msg"),
This message is written:
- at the beginning of the file, overwriting the
existing stdout text.
- only when the service is stopped.

Is it an as-is behaviour, a lack or a mistake in
the command syntaxes, or something wrong in
cygrunsrv or bash or tcl?

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