Larry Hall
Mon Mar 1 02:33:00 GMT 2004

At 09:16 PM 2/29/2004, George Hester you wrote:
>Hi Igor.
>Thanks for not browbeating me.  You would be amazed at the anathema "newbies" 
>such as myself often generate.

Yes, Igor has been known for ruining Cygwin's email list reputation of being
"mean".  If you're new to the list, it's an "inside" joke so don't worry if
you don't get it.

>I see all the "stuff" now.  I have to decide what I want.  I am concerned
>that say if I get a C compiler and headers it could interfere with the one
>I have.  Same thing with make.  Mine's called nmake so not sure.

If you're referring to MS's VC++ compiler, you don't have cause for 
concern.  Lots of people have it and gcc/g++ installed.  Actually, it's 
sometimes a problem with the reverse (i.e. VC++ interfering with gcc/g++).  
If you find that INCLUDE and LIB are defined in your environment now, you'll
want to unset these values (perhaps in your cygwin.bat or /etc/profile)
before starting Cygwin.  That will keep gcc/g++ from seeing the paths to
VC++-specific stuff.

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