Automated Installation on Multiple Machines

Max Bowsher
Thu Jul 29 15:23:00 GMT 2004

Tennis Smith (tennis) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm installing Cygwin on about 30 different machines at once.  I've
> installed the basic Cygwin package which was very easy.  Unfortunately, I
> need to do much more.  All of the PCs need to be identically configured
> ssh, telnet and ftp enabled and running as services.
> Does anyone have a script or some kind of automated process for doing this
> so that I don't have to do manual installs on all 30 PCs?

Unfortunately there is no automated install.

However, you can avoid the tedious process of manual package selection by
pre-initializing an /etc/setup/installed.db with the following contents:

packagename packagename-0-0.tar.bz2 0
anotherpackagename anotherpackagename-0-0.tar.bz2 0
yetanotherpackagename yetanotherpackagename-0-0.tar.bz2 0

setup.exe will then see these packages as installed at version 0-0, and
'upgrade' them to the current versions without you having to select each
package manually.


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