follow-up re textmode problem for relative paths, nobinmode env variable

Wed Jul 28 07:15:00 GMT 2004

a few weeks ago I asked about what
mount commands to use in order to
simulate the set-up I had on an
older version of Cygwin which had
textmode as the default for opening

I did not explicitly change
the default mount settings from
that version, which it reports

c: on /cygdrive/c type user (textmode, noumount)

with the latest version that I have
upgraded to however, there is no
combination of mount commands that
I can find that allows me to open
all files in textmode by default

in particular, if I mount / to be
textmode, I can get this behavior
only if I use the full absolute
path of the file I am opening,
but if I use a relative path
specification, file is opened
as binary data

it would be great if I could set
the CYGWIN environment variable to
nobinmode in order to avoid this
problem (and also to avoid having
to set up mounts for every other
drive besides C: that I might use),
but doing so seems to have no effect

I am not sure if this is a problem
with how I am doing it, or if that
setting for the environment variable
is no longer honored

someone who replied to my earlier
post on this topic said that I
should not expect the Cygwin
module to support nobinmode
in the environment variable

yet the lastest documentation I
can find in the download package
seems to indicate that this is
supposed to still be a viable option

any clarification on either of
these 2 related points would be

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