rsync hangs (v2.6.2-1 on both Cygwin and Fedora)

Clif J. Smith
Sun Jul 25 20:51:00 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-25 at 11:22, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:
> "Clif J. Smith" writes:
> > I'm trying to rsync data from a WinXP system running Cygwin to a Fedora
> > Core 2 system.  When running the following command from my Fedora
> > system, it'll build a file list for a while, but never actually sync
> > anything and complete:
> > # /usr/bin/rsync -avvvv --delete --numeric-ids --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh \
> > /fs1/directory/
> > 
> > It never hangs at the same spot.  I can rsync to other Linux and
> > Solaris systems without issue.  I never see an error, it just
> > hangs...
> You may be seeing the classic "cygwin rsync hang" problem:
> The problem arises because Cygwin's select() indicates "OK to write"
> on pipes even when the pipe is full and the write will block.  The
> write blocks even though the pipe is flagged O_NONBLOCK.
> Bob Byrnes, who did the diagnosis above (and who is a coworker of
> mine) has patched our local copy of Cygwin to implement proper
> select() for writing on pipes, as well as to fix some other hangs.  He
> is working on getting the patches and documentation into shape for
> submission.
>  - Pat
Thanks for the insight and I anxiously await the patch!


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