rsync hangs (v2.6.2-1 on both Cygwin and Fedora)

Patrick J. LoPresti
Sun Jul 25 19:51:00 GMT 2004

"Clif J. Smith" writes:

> I'm trying to rsync data from a WinXP system running Cygwin to a Fedora
> Core 2 system.  When running the following command from my Fedora
> system, it'll build a file list for a while, but never actually sync
> anything and complete:
> # /usr/bin/rsync -avvvv --delete --numeric-ids --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh \
> /fs1/directory/
> It never hangs at the same spot.  I can rsync to other Linux and
> Solaris systems without issue.  I never see an error, it just
> hangs...

You may be seeing the classic "cygwin rsync hang" problem:

The problem arises because Cygwin's select() indicates "OK to write"
on pipes even when the pipe is full and the write will block.  The
write blocks even though the pipe is flagged O_NONBLOCK.

Bob Byrnes, who did the diagnosis above (and who is a coworker of
mine) has patched our local copy of Cygwin to implement proper
select() for writing on pipes, as well as to fix some other hangs.  He
is working on getting the patches and documentation into shape for

 - Pat

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